Canada Day celebrations take place on Labour Day in Madawaska Valley Township

BARRY’S BAY – Many familiar faces came out to celebrate Canada Day and many visiting ones also appeared in town to take in the festivities offered by the township. Faces were mostly cloth covered but you could not help but see the smiles appear beneath the masks as locals and visitors joyfully took part in the festivities of the day.

The delay in celebrating Canada Day, which moved the July 1 holiday to Labour Day proved to be poignant. Perhaps labouring a bit more for our beloved Canada might cause future generations to appreciate the wonders this country has to offer. We can too easily forget that the fresh air, civil rights and access to many privileges that citizens of other countries long for are things that must be cherished and protected. A little work now and then in order to keep their value in sight would go a long way to help preserve them.

We hope that the photos of this day remind you that kids who celebrate Canada Day this year will do so with a different perspective than in years past. Perhaps their smiles will remind us all that the future of our nation belongs to little ones such as these.

Jacob Olver enjoyed the celebrations at the Legion and arrived fully clad in his Canada Day shirt to celebrate the national day on Labour Day.
Raya Byrne gives two thumbs up to Canada Day Celebrations at the Legion.
Abigail Cain in her hat takes her eye off the fish for a moment to smile at the camera.
Grade 11 MVDHS student Amelia Brotton (left) and Stephanie Plebon Recreation and Community Coordinator for Madawaska Valley Township (right) display some of the amazing prizes kids could win at the fishing derby.

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