BV Councillor demands better mental health resources

EGANVILLE – “On Monday afternoon in Renfrew County once again our justice system and mental health system failed. A young man who not once, not twice, but three times before, has been released from the system after stealing cars and endangering lives.  Now an innocent woman is dead.  This was preventable, he obviously should not have been released [from jail] and needed psychiatric help, but instead served his time and was released 3 times, to do it all again a fourth time.”

This was part of a Facebook post by Bonnechere Valley Township Councillor Jackie Agnew on September 27.

Agnew was referring to the death of Sheila Walsh, a former resident of Douglas, who died after her vehicle was struck by a stolen truck in Arnprior on September 25. A 20 year old from Eganville, Zach Wittke, has been charged with several offences related to the crash, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

The crash is being investigated by the Special Investigation Unit, which deals with incidents involving police where there has been serious injury or death.

For more pick up a copy of the October 4, paper.