BLR Council discusses cell phone service in township

PALMER RAPIDS – Councillor Iris Kaufelldt asked a question about cell towers during the regular meeting of council for the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan on April 11. She said she had received comments from people in regards to cell phone service in the area. Kauffeldt was asking if the township had any updates on cell phone towers in the area. This was in regards to two possible towers in the Quadeville area. Councillor Wayne Banks said he had heard they have to wait to see if a company such as Bell or Rogers or Telus were willing to put up towers. “If nobody wants to do it then it will never go up,” said Banks. Kauffeldt said a person came into her store and told her if you go online, you will see that there is currently a tower near Hardwood Lake and one in Quadeville. Banks said there is one that is supposed to be going into Hardwood Lake but isn’t there yet. Kauffeldt asked if there was anything that the council could do to push this forward. For more pick up a copy of the April 18, paper.