Big jump for Madawaska Coffee

BARRY’S BAY – It was almost by accident that the owners of the Madawaska Coffee Company, Neil and Sarah Wright, entered the coffee roasting business. The couple met at Madawaska Kanu Centre and OWL rafting, which is what brought them to the area. They had a friend who would come up weekends to paddle with them. Each time he brought coffee he had freshly roasted at home. Sarah said, “He would tease us because it was the best coffee that we had ever tasted.” Sarah and Neil were bitten with the fresh roasted coffee bug. They could not go back to mass produced coffee. “Neil and I decided to get into home roasting ourselves,” Sarah said. Their first machine could roast a half kilo of coffee every forty minutes. Once they were invested, family and friends would ask them to roast coffee for them. Soon after they had two retail customers for their coffee; Mad Outdoors and the Madawaska Ski Hill. By that time both at Mad Outdoors in Barry’s Bay. After work, they would spend hours roasting coffee for their customers. For more pick up a copy of the April 4, paper.