After a long run Charlie calls it a day

The grills are shut down, the fryers have been cleaned and the last of the poutine has been served at the well-known community establishment called Charlie D’s.

After 13 and a half years located on Opeongo Line in Barry’s Bay, the owner and proprietor Charlie Drevniok closed the doors of Charlie D’s on Nov. 11, for the last time.

After years in the service industry, Drevniok made the decision to retire. “Actually, it was my body that told me it was time to pack it in. I just can’t move or run like I use to.” said Drevniok.

Drevniok was born and raised in Combermere, and has lived there his entire life with the exception, he says, of leaving the area at the age of 25, when he took a sightseeing trip to Europe for a few months.
Being the oldest of three boys, Drevniok was born to parents William and Elizabeth (Biggers). When his mom was a young nurse, she saw an ad for a job at the Madonna House in Combermere and decided to give it a try.

Drevniok attended elementary school at Holy Canadian Martyrs (as it was called then) followed by completing most of his high school years at the Convent in Combermere before finishing Grade 12 at MVDHS.

“After that I had a variety of jobs, all in Combermere, starting with driving a dump truck for my dad who was working on building roads for cottages etc.” explained Drevniok.

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