Access Work Service looks for more volunteers at AGM

BARRY’S BAY – Access Work Service is trying to get their name out in the community, and during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 28, the focus was just that.

“This is our annual general meeting. There are some clients here, they are the people who we assist in finding work, and there job coaches come too. We just give an overview of what we have done over the past year. We have applied for a grant to increase our effectiveness in the community,” explained Leah Kinghorn, president of Access Work Service.

Access Work Service is a non-profit organization who helps people who have barriers to employment find work.

“It is hard to explain and people don’t understand what a barrier to employment is. It could be that you are physically or mentally handicapped, it could be that you are a senior, it could be that you don’t have transportation. This is what we are trying to do to provide this to everybody,” added Kinghorn.

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