A Diamond Anniversary for a Beloved and Essential Community Service

Written by Toni Lavigne-Conway | Special to the Valley Gazette

First staff 1960: clockwise from back left: Sandy Wood, Mary Davis, Trudi Cortens, Mary Ann Gilmore, Irene Chauvin, Doreen Chapman, Mary Jean Beaudoin.

Serving the needs of your community is no easy feat, but with unwavering commitment to a life of service, the staff at St. Joseph’s House have more than achieved what they set out to do. On Feb. 14, they will celebrate 60 years of that selfless and noble service. 

Under the governance of Madonna House Apostolate, St Joseph’s House is one of 17 mission houses located all around the world. 
Its mandate is simple yet intricate:
1. Love one another and live as a family
2. Pray for the parish and the people of the Valley
3. Serve the people by offering second-hand shops and other neighborly help
4. Provide volunteer opportunities
5. Home visits
6. Help in the local parish and support young people.
Since 1947, Madonna House has been a haven for those who are often at a crossroads in life and looking for a place to think and pray. Once there, many have studied and received their formation, becoming a member, immersing themselves in the Christian culture and serving as needed. St. Joseph’s mission house was created to serve the local community.

Sandra Novecosky, a native of Saskatchewan and member of Madonna House since 2001 has served as Director for the past 10 years.  “The programs and services provided by St. Joseph’s has evolved over the years, all of which were developed to serve a void that existed in the community.” 

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