A day of joy on the lake at the family fishing derby

Mark Jones

WHITNEY  – March 2 was a beautiful day to be outside on the lake. Temperatures below freezing, a few flurries and no noticeable wind on the Poverty Lake, near Whitney.

After last year’s glare ice and forty below of the year before that, last Saturday was was close to perfect.

One hundred and sixty three children registered on the day for the 12th Bob Izumi’s kids, cops and Canadian Tire event.

Organizer Brandie Dubreuil said that it was a day for children to spend with family fishing in the great outdoors.

The lake was alive with activity.

Many people lined up to ride on a sledge pulled by a dog team. Bancroft based Dave Freymond and his musher, Dawn Cowley, provided rides around the lake.

There was also plenty of food served up by volunteers.

Dubreuil said, the event used to be held on Galeairy Lake but was moved to Poverty Lake for better shelter, ice conditions and access.

Tod Rogers, came out on Tuesday with some friends to freeze the poles in for the food shelter on the lake.

Early on Saturday Rogers and his team came out again, to set up the tarp and cut 75 fishing holes. He said most people who come to the derby bring an auger.

Heather Ridout measured the fish and noted the sizes.


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