50 years of marriage: Is it still worth celebrating?

Katrina Boguski

COMBERMERE — This summer, some couples married in 1973 will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. So much has changed since 1973 that one can’t help but ask the question: Is marriage still worth celebrating?

A large number of people who filled Combermere Hall on July 8 seemed to think it is. In a world where few couples get married or stay married, why would these people still see the value of this ancient custom? Are they out of step with the modern world or is there something they see that others don’t? Before answering these questions, let’s look at a few of the changes that have happened since 1973.

In 1973 Canada still used the imperial system; construction on the CN Tower was just starting and the Trudeau in office had a different first name. U.S. news headlines covered Watergate and the Paris Peace Accords which marked a turning point for the Vietnam War. The TV show MASH was in its second year and theatres were showing movies that included The Sting, The Exorcist, and Live and Let Die. 1973 was also the year of Roe vs. Wade.

So, 1973 had its fair share of controversies that tested the strength of culture and family bonds. Yet, amid this turmoil, Ted and Theresa Baklinski decided to get married at St. Stanislaus Church in Hamilton.

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