Zmylić Sushi opening in Barry’s Bay


BARRY’S BAY – A new and unique business is planning to set up shop in Barry’s Bay, just in time for the busy tourist season.

Piotr Zblowski, nephew of a successful Polish vintner in the Niagara Region, will be opening Zmylić Sushi in the location of the former Bay Café. It will be the first sushi shop of its kind not only in the Madawaska Valley, but in Ontario, because it will offer a selection of locally-caught fish.

Zblowski, 37, is no stranger to the Madawaska Valley. His uncle owns a cottage on Carson Lake and he visits the area frequently throughout the summer months.

The business venture first came to Zblowski when he was visiting the Wilno Tavern last year and tried the famous Sledzies. A sushi lover, Zblowski was immediately hooked. It sparked an idea, and he imagined how he could combine local cuisine with finer dishes. Zmylić Sushi was born.

Zblowski was in Barry’s Bay on Wednesday to finalize plans and spoke to the Gazette about the new business.  

“It’s going to be unlike anything that the Valley has ever seen,” Zblowski said. “It’s my first business venture, and I want to do things right.”

He went on to say that he will be working with local fishermen in the region to offer locally-caught sustainable sushi options. This means that in addition to popular favourites like California style, Tuna or Salmon Maki rolls, Zmylić Sushi will offer delectable sushi options made with smelts, suckers and sunfish.

Dishes will start at a modest $65 a plate and include a glass of wine from Zblowski’s uncle’s vineyard.

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