Yarn bombing helps hospice

BARRY’S BAY – You might have noticed bright, beautiful yarn butterflies these past few weeks at local businesses.

They swarmed the Tim Hortons drive thru, fluttered over to the CIBC in Killaloe, took a breather at the Wilno Tavern, and went on to many more places around the Valley. On December 14, they arrived at their destination – the Madawaska Valley Hospice.

The butterflies were part of a yarn-bombing project, started by the knitters group in Barry’s Bay.

Anya Gansterer is the co-curator at the South of 60 and a knitter as well. She said ‘bombing’ is a concept of blanketing unexpected items or locations with knitted items.

“When we yarn-bomb, we like to do something useful,” Gansterer explained.

Toni Lavigne-Conway is the executive director of the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation.

“It really wasn’t ever meant to be a fundraising endeavour,” Lavigne-Conway said. “But it was more for awareness.”

The butterfly was used because it is the official logo for the MV Hospice. Several members made more than a hundred yarn butterflies and placed them on a netting material.

Every week, the creations would go to a new business or location around the township.

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