While Brennan’s Creek brims its banks, the Old Killaloe Mill is sandbagged

KILLALOE – The new owner of the iconic mill in Old Killaloe has been making preparations in anticipation of rising waters.

Mike Petrunik said that when he bought the mill last summer, he asked for advice about spring freshet preparations from several previous owners.

They recommended he have four feet of headroom at the dam to allow the quickly melting snow to flow on through.

“I thought it was pretty good advice since it was my first year. I know the previous owner had a few issues keeping up with it. I took out an extra log so that I had four and a half feet of room for the pond.”

He said his neighbours reassured him he had plenty of room for the water to rise, until the forecast changed last week. It was then he was advised to get some sandbags ready.

“Luckily enough I started early…I’ve added more and more. I’ve had great outreach from people in the area.”

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