Where are they now?

BARRY’S BAY – In life, there’s nothing quite as intimidating as setting off on your own, something that Mark Yakabuski is well acquainted with.

Though he lives in the Toronto region now, Yakabuski’s life began in Barry’s Bay, and lessons he learned in his youth have stuck with him to this very day.

Yakabuski currently serves as president and chief operating officer for the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP), a non-profit group that advocates a fair, transparent and effective system of insolvency and restructuring administration across Canada. Before that, Yakabuski was president and chief executive officer at the Insurance Bureau of Canada for 15 years.

Before all that, however, Yakabuski was a youth in Barry’s Bay, son of Paul and Doreen Yakabuski.

Growing up, Yakabuski was one of 14 children in a busy household. Whenever he shares this information with friends and acquaintances, invariably they ask what home life was like.

“Everyone asks me that,” said Yakabuski with a laugh. “When you’re in the middle of that, you think it’s the norm.”

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