We are more than consumers, says bishop

CORMAC – Under blue skies, Christians gathered for the 78th annual pilgrimage at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Cormac on July 31, for two masses.

At the 11 a.m. Mass, the faithful were welcomed by Father Kenneth O’Brien, pastor in Cormac, Eganville and Pikwakanagan.

The homily was given by the Most Reverend Michael Mulhall, the Bishop of Pembroke Diocese.

The bishop began with thanks to all the volunteers who helped prepare for the day under the guidance of Father O’Brien.

The bishop also thanked Father Howard Chabot for leading this year’s pilgrimage from Renfrew up the Opeongo Line to Cormac and the Shrine of St. Ann.

The homily was based on a parable from Luke 12:13, in which Jesus was interrupted by someone with cares in the present world. Jesus tried to bring the person to a higher realm.

The bishop pointed out that we are often preoccupied with our worldly goods.

“If I could only have one more place where I can store my grain, if I could have only one more bank account, I’ll have the security of this life that nothing can really take away. I can feel secure and I can enjoy my life and won’t have to worry about the insecurities,” the bishop said.

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