Volunteer voices Railway Station support

BARRY’S BAY – The Railway Station was once again a hot topic at the May 16 regular council meeting in Barry’s Bay.

The meeting started with a delegation from Iwona Mooney, an active volunteer with the library board and the Railway Station (which includes the visitor information centre and the arts gallery). She told council that she is also a calligrapher, photographer and quilter and has led/taken courses at the Railway Station.

She began her presentation by asking what culture is.

“Its definition is very broad – culture means many different things to different people ranging from personal heritage traditions and skills, attending festivals, participating in creative activities to visiting museums, art galleries/shows and events which incorporate the diverse cultural heritage of all Canadians, also known as cultural tourism,” she said.

Mooney explained that the Province of Ontario is presently working on an overarching cultural strategy for all communities to use as a benchmark.

“I participated in the online surveys for I believe it important to have a say on how culture is interpreted and incorporated into the fabric of our lives,” she said.

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