Valley Manor musical memories with Barney McCaffrey and sons captured on new DVD

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – At this time of year looking back on past experiences can be a meaningful way to reminisce about those little moments and people that make life worth living. Some of those moments in the lives of residents and staff of The Valley Manor were captured on video. Now, more than thirty-four years later, they are available on DVD. If you had a friend or family member living or working at the Manor during that time, you may recognize some familiar faces.

The Valley Gazette received a tip about the soon-to-be released DVD from none other than Sr. Rosenda Brady. Although “officially retired,” the 92-year-old Sister of St. Joseph keeps her finger on the pulse of the community from her residence at Champlain Gardens in Barry’s Bay (formerly Water Tower Lodge).

During telephone and email exchanges with Sr. Rosenda, we were able to learn a bit more about the DVD which is going to be available at Lorraine’s Pharmacy and The Valley Manor.

Sr. Rosenda said, “This DVD will be a great walk down memory lane for both staff and residents of Valley Manor, and their families. How wonderful to be able to watch your parents and grandparents dancing, and for some, even in spite of being in wheelchairs.”

Originally filmed on St. Patrick’s Day, it features many tunes that are sure to be mood boosters this holiday season.

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