Valley Manor celebrates 1,000th resident

BARRY’S BAY – Last Friday was a very special day for Mary Lou Baragar, formerly of Lake St. Peter. That was the day she was welcomed as the 1000th resident of Valley Manor in Barry’s Bay.
It has taken the 90-bed Valley Manor 40 years to welcome its 1000th resident. The nursing and retirement home received it’s first resident, 86-year old Francis Kulas, on May 24, 1978. The Valley Manor’s 500th resident was 89-year old Stanley Recoskie who arrived on April 7, 1997.
CEO Trisha Sammon said, “It’s a very exciting day, I can’t believe we are part of this.”
Sammon said it was worth marking this moment in Valley Manor’s history with a special celebration.
“We thought we would celebrate the milestone. That’s how many people have come through the doors.”
Director of Finance, Lori Jessup added, “It just shows the need for the home in the area.”
Residents and staff greeted Baragar with cake, music and welcoming gifts.
Some of Baragar’s relatives attended the welcoming; son Tim, daughter Tammy Dunne and granddaughter Olivia Dunne.
Baragar’s daughter, Tammy Dunne, who is a nurse at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry’s Bay said after the ceremony, that Valley Manor provides a wonderful home for her mother.
“She is very social. This is a good setting. She was very involved in the community and the church. For her to have people around her is perfect.”
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