Two world silvers from Seoul kettlebell championships for Round Lake athlete

ROUND LAKE  – Heather Kilius, recently of Round Lake, has just returned from the 2017 world championship kettlebell lifting in Seoul, south Korea with two silver medals.

“It was way more than I ever expected,” Kilius said. “Honestly, just making Team Canada, I was like, ‘Yes,’” she said with a broad grin and pumping her hand in the air.

“My goal was to not be last,” said Kilius, who, when she is not training, is an operating room nurse at the Pembroke hospital.

“Kettlebell sport is a weightlifting sport performed with a kettlebell,” Kilius said. Athletes have to lift kettlebells as many times as possible within ten minutes, changing hands only once, using different lifting techniques.

Kilius competes in one arm long cycle 24 kilo kettlebell and 16 kilo snatch.

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