Twinning will make township stronger, Shulist says

BARRY’S BAY – Twinning the Madawaska Valley with a township in Poland will only make the townships stronger, Madawaska Valley Mayor David Shulist said.

He spoke about the opportunity at the November 5 recreation, heritage and community economic development committee meeting.

Shulist was referring to a request from the mayor of Lipusz, Poland, who sent a letter to the township asking for a twinning initiative. The purpose is to exchange cultural, social, business, recreation, education and economic benefits.

Chair of the committee, Carl Bromwich said some thought would have to go into the agreement.

“This is not just a hollowed gesture with regards to twinning,” Bromwich said. “This is an actual request from a council to us as a formal presentation…It’s very important that we get this right to start with.”

Bromwich reiterated that the twinning would come at no cost to the taxpayer.

“This has nothing to do with tax dollars,” he said.

A recommendation was presented for committee to accept the report and move the twinning policy to bylaw.

Shulist was then asked to give a slideshow presentation to committee, outlining the community of Lipusz and it connection to the Madawaska Valley.

Shulist explained that many local families are decedents of people who came to Canada from the Kashubian community.

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