Trial highlights pattern of recurring violence against women and children

OTTAWA  – As the murder trial began hearing evidence on October 5, people gather outside the Ottawa Courthouse at the Canadian Human Rights Memorial in support of the families and loved-ones of Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton.

The gathering called Because Wilno was organized by Holly Campbell from Ottawa. Supporters listened to speakers from both Ottawa and the Valley.

In soft September sunshine the gathering began with a First Nations’ song. The steady sound of the hand drum carried across the heads of the hundred or so gathered before the pink granite monument. To the side, beneath the shade of maple trees, stood members of the bereaved families.

Campbell said to me a week before the event, “I’m not an activist,” but I felt I had to do something. She said she feared that as the trial began, attention would move away from the three murdered women and focus on the accused.

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