Travis Richards, founder of local social media agency TRO provides a great example to local businesses

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – Challenging times bring out the best and the worst in people. How people respond to challenging times says a lot about their character and conviction. One local business owner is a reminder to us all about the importance of staying positive through life’s difficulties. Travis Richards, founder of TRO (Travis Richards Office) is an example of the success that comes through perseverance and hard work.

His social media company, located in Barry’s Bay, began by providing a range of services for clients in the Madawaska Valley and then expanded to serve clients in Pembroke and other parts of Renfrew County. He is a hardcore supporter of the local business community and his strategy to build a strong home base committed to helping other local businesses has served him well. His own client network now has grown to include businesses in Hastings Highlands, Ottawa, Toronto, and even as far away as British Columbia.

Relentless in his mission to support and grow local businesses, Richards has a keen understanding that businesses such as his are linchpins which connect the local economy to broader markets. In many ways, he is an ambassador providing people with a positive first impression of the local economy when he connects with people in bigger markets. When local businesses can be supportive of each other, it sends a strong message to consumers and investors alike that Barry’s Bay is a good place to do business.

Despite the growth of his business beyond the local neighbourhood, Travis Richards is committed to the Madawaska Valley, and especially to his hometown of Barry’s Bay.

In reference to his own experience growing up locally, he said, “It takes a village to raise a child. Barry’s Bay has certainly done that for me.” He added, “I’m committed to supporting the businesses here for the rest of my career.”

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