Township seeks grant for road repair

PALMER RAPIDS – During the Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan (BLR) December 5 meeting, council members took the first steps toward applying for a grant which would allow for major reconstruction on one of the municipalities main roadways.

Clerk Michelle Mantifel announced that the provincial government has a new round of funding available for roads, bridges, water or waste water; she said roads would be the target in BLR Township. She indicated that, if successful, the government would provide up to $2 million or 90 per cent, whichever is lower, of the total project cost.
“The first step we have to do is an expression of interest,” Mantifel said.
“We’re interested,” Councillor Garry Gruntz said.
Mantifel asked councillors to decide on which road would be targeted for repair. Mantifel advised members to consider a big section as opposed to pieces of road.
Councillors had a chance to weigh in, starting with Heather Phanenhour.
“In my opinion I say Wingle Road right from the County Road right up to the stop sign,” Phanenhour said.
“Right from Welk Road through to the Rockingham Road on Letterkenny,” Gruntz said.
Councillor Steve Jessup agreed that they were two very good applicants.
“Let’s do something as big as we can. In my opinion the Letterkenny Road is the bigger of all projects. It’s the longest chunk of hardtop road we have in our municipality,” Councillor Trevor Lidtkie said.
After further discussion, Letterkenny Road was agreed upon due to its length, need of repair and high traffic volume.
Phanenhour said that it was clear from their deliberation that the infrastructure in the township is in desperate need of fixing.
“We really have to start thinking about this seriously, rather than just one grant for one road,” Phanenhour said.
Jessup suggested that progress was more likely to happen now versus previous years when their fleet of vehicles was diminished.
“I realize that there’s not a lot of money for roads, but we’re pretty much set up for equipment now,” Jessup said.
Mantifel will follow up to request $1.3 to $1.5 million in grant money for the proposed project on Letterkenny Road, which will consist of approximately 50 per cent reconstruction and 50 per cent grinding, gravelling and paving.
Road Superintendent Alvin Kauffeldt was asked to gauge an exact measurement of the road in kilometres.
Story continues in the December 12, 2012 Issue of The Valley Gazette.