Township recruiting for three jobs

BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Valley Township will be looking for three employees to fill the shoes of chief building official, chief fire official and bylaw enforcement/animal control officer.

With the resignation of Chief Building Official/Fire Chief Andy Peplinski effective January 22, the township has undergone a review of its positions.

“Obviously, we have had a development that created a bit of upheaval in the organization,” CAO/Clerk Craig Kelley began. “But it was a good chance for staff and senior staff to review the needs to the municipality.”

He provided council with a draft of the revised organizational chart, which includes a manager of planning, developing and licensing. This position would be offered to Silas Lorbetski, the current planning and licensing officer, effective February 29.

Rather than recruit for someone to fill the vacant position of chief building official/fire chief, Kelley suggested that a full-time position be created for a chief building official/septic inspector and a part-time position be created for the role of chief fire official.

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