Toronto defeats Montreal, big time

BARRY’S BAY- Despite the bitterly cold weather on the evening of February 14, hundreds of fans came out to the annual Timberfest Stanley Cup hockey game.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens (Local Boys) have been playing this hometown game for years.

The honorary captions Dave (Beliveau) Shulist and Phil (Keon) Skebo started the annual event and still over see to this day.

The annual game was the last game to be played during this year’s Hockey Day in Barry’s Bay. There was a lot of action and some fancy moves on the ice during the entire three periods of play. Scoring in order for the Montreal Canadiens were #15 Owen McDade, #16 Jon Shulist and #3 Adam Bloskie.

Scoring for the Toronto Maple Leafs was #93 Kirk Skebo with one goal, #21 Robbie Lepine with one goal, #77 Nathan Price with one goal. Getting multiple goals were  # 22 Gummy Gienow with a hat trick ( three goals) and last but not least, # 6 Kevin Martel scoring an outstanding four goals. Way to go Kevin. The final results, of the big game,was Toronto down Montreal 10 to 3. Are you okay, Dave?

Get your February 18, 2015 edition of The Valley Gazette to see much more photos from the Hockey Day in Barry’s Bay festivities.