Timbeeerrrrr… Sno-Fun Logger’s Competition, cold but fun

ROUND LAKE CENTRE – The Sno-Fun Loggers’ Competition was hosted at the Round Lake Centre outdoor rink on February 2.

With tree cutting, speed cutting, chair carving and cross-cutting, families and friends of participants were kept on their toes as they watched the competitors boil tea and cut down trees.
There were 12 competitors in total, with a steep competition in all portions of the event.
The first portion of the competition was the tree falling, with the first spot going to Gerard Hudder.
Denis Pecoskie took the winning title of best log cutter, with the fastest tea boil going to Philip Kuiack.
Dominic Hudder proved himself during the speed-cutting portion, as well as the chair-carving, where he created a work of art from a stump of wood. His chair consisted of a basic bottom, four legs and a standard seat; however, the back of the chair was shaped as an angel and grabbed the attention of the judges with its intricate design and details.
The title of top logger for the competition was Philip Kuiack, with a total of 122.63 points out of 168.
Activities were available for all families members, with the mini-loggers’ vendor for the children, they could dig, build or even saw small logs themselves or with a partner.
Hot chocolate was available indoors, where attendants could warm their toes, look at items for sale, enjoy a coffee or sit down for a delicious meal.
Beans, ham and scalloped potatoes were for sale to anyone who was hungry, with doughnut twists for desert.
Skating was also available at the outdoor rink.
The opportunity to strap on snowshoes and trek through the woods was available, with Mad Outdoors offering their snowshoeing services.
Story continues in the February 6, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.