Three brothers and their business still going strong after 50 years

Katrina Boguski

BARRY’S BAY – The year 1969 was an eventful time in history. Thirty-two legendary bands rocked Woodstock. The Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon. John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their bed-ins and “The Troubles” were raging in Ireland. Here in Barry’s Bay, three young Yantha men bought the local Dairy.

As the world commemorates some momentous golden anniversaries this year, Tony, Doc and Ed have decided to celebrate the anniversary of Barry’s Bay Dairy anniversary with a special “thank you” to the staff and customers who have contributed to their long success. Tony Yantha said, “We’re very thankful for the loyalty we get from repeat customers.”

People have been buying dairy products on Dunn Street since 1938. Bill Hoffman was the owner of the dairy purchased by the Yanthas. At the time, it was called Island Dairy because the original founder of the Dairy was Paul B. Mask who lived on Mask Island.

In reflecting on the history of their company, Tony commented, “When we bought the Dairy in 1969 those days are still an emotional memory for me. I worked for Bill Hoffman for six summers and got to drive the delivery truck in my last year. It’s crazy how vividly I remember that summer.”

In fact, there is a lot Tony remembers well. Ask him almost any question about his business and he has the answer ready.  Want to know what suppliers the company has worked with over the years? He will tell you exactly which brands of ice cream they’ve carried, and the years they served it. Want to know how many flavours they have in the freezers to scoop? He’ll answer 45 before you’ve finished asking the question.

He explained that in the winter they drop down to a dozen of the most popular flavours which include Rolo, maple walnut, chocolate peanut butter, and vanilla. He commented that vanilla is a popular standby and a favourite of the seniors.

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  • cfranke August 27, 2019 at 11:59 am

    I remember going in there when I was about 7 years old. They had good songs on the juke box like Badfinger’s “Come and Get It” and “Hitching a Ride” by Vanity Fare.