The Wilno Heritage Society’s history

Part 2 of our series

Staff Reporter

WILNO – Since 1998 the Wilno Heritage Society has been doing incredible work to preserve the heritage of the area, a heritage that originates with the first settlers who came there 160 years ago.

The list of the activities it has sponsored, the list of buildings and artefacts they have erected, preserved and displayed, is impressive to say the least.

Up until COVID put a wrench in everything, the Society had a paying membership of about 500 people. Because the annual festival and other events have had to be cancelled, the number has dropped off a bit. They are optimistic that once this is passed through, the membership will grow again. People from all over North America and Poland have been interested in connecting with and learning about their Kashub heritage in connection with the Heritage Society.
It was started in March of 1998, out of a small group of like-minded people.

The founding members of the Wilno Heritage Society were the President, David Shulist, the Vice President, Mike Coulas, Secretary, Diane Malone, Treasurer, Christine Recoskie, Historical Director, Teenie Shulist, Finance Director, Edward Chippior, and Building Director, Andrew Yantha.

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