The Santa Claus Parade

BARRY’S BAY – The Madawaska Valley Township Council met as scheduled on November 5.

The issue of trails along Stoney Lake were presented, as well as the request for road closures for the Remembrance Day, and Santa Claus Parade.
The Madawaska Valley Lions Club also brought forward the idea of the use of the upstairs hall of the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre.
Bob Kulas was Acting Mayor during the meeting.
Louis and Maxine Dombroski brought up the issue of the trail along Stoney Lake, which had been previously presented through a letter to the roads, property and planning committee during their last meeting.
Kulas stated that he saw the letter presented in two parts.
With the first being the old Barry’s Bay road that has been moving along now to their satisfaction.
“The second part has to deal with the trail you are talking about, and your suggestions for it,” Kulas said.
He continued to state that all of the trails have been put on hold for the time being.
“I think everything has been said in that letter that we need to say,” Louis said. “I don’t really see a need for any kind of a trail going to Stoney Lake. There is walking access there already; if they want to walk they can walk.”
“You are making a trail that really leads to nowhere,” he continued. “Nobody was ever turned down there for walking. It was completely open to whoever wanted to walk, could have walked.”
“Our concern was that a walking trail was fine,” Maxine said, adding that the issue would be if the trail would be developed further.
“At the moment it is at a bay, everything has stopped,” Kulas said.
The Barry’s Bay & Area Public Library has requested to send a representative on the parks, heritage and recreation committee.
Robin Mason has been appointed as the library representative for the committee.
The Madawaska fire committee has banned any barrel burning.
“He is going to remove any barrel burning from the township, is that correct?” Councillor Linda Neuman asked. “Did he give a reason for that?”
“He did not want any barrel burning at all,” Councillor Sylvie Yantha stated. “Barrel burning, or open fire, it is next to the same thing… Most municipalities do not allow barrel burning.”
Story continues in the November 7, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.