The musical-makings of one local girl, to make a difference

BARRY’S BAY – A Grade 12 local high school student is receiving a lot of praise lately for her musical talents – but the 17-year-old young lady is also hoping through her music she can help people.

Lucy Harrison attends Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS); she’s a music-lover and has hopes to one day become a music therapist.
The pianist recently participated in the North Hastings Music Festival in Bancroft. Lucy performed four pieces on the April 17 evening, three of which were from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and one of her own pieces, titled Summer Time.
“I honestly didn’t think I did that well,” she said. “I was really excited and surprised when I received an invitation to perform at The Festival of Stars.”
The other two girls whom Lucy competed against for their original composition pieces were great, Lucy told the Gazette.
So, the following day, when the Grade 12 student received the call to perform this May 1 at the festival, she was ecstatic.
Lucy composed her Summer Time piece last summer. She thought the Bancroft festival would be the perfect place to showcase it.
“It’s light, airy, and a lot like summer,” she explained. “In the middle, it gets a little darker, like a thunderstorm, but then resolves towards the end, and it’s back to summer time.”
The 17-year-old musician and artist has been taking piano lessons since the tender age of eight.
“My family gave me the option to take step dancing, or piano lessons,” she giggled.
She opted for the piano lessons in the end. Although the young lady remembers debating the two options, Lucy’s sister tap-danced, so, she thought about following in her footsteps.
“I used to play around the house in her tap-dancing-shoes.”
Instead, her love for music conquered. In the same year, Lucy began to learn piano, she would also participate in the Bancroft music festival. She was the first person to compete and the only person that year in the original composition category. She went on to showcase her talents at the Festival of Stars that year as well.
Throughout elementary school, Lucy continued with her passion for music and with piano lessons at home. Also, at the elementary level, piano lessons were incorporated in her education.
Lucy admitted she’s been very fortunate to have had learning the piano made so accessible to her.
The pianist took a minor break from playing, beginning in high school, but as of last year, her love for music has resurfaced.
Currently, she is excited to move forward and perform at the Festival of Stars musical celebration this May 1. And she’s practised a lot, she said.
“However, it can be a lot of pressure, performing,” she explained.
To prepare for the Bancroft North Hastings Music Festival, she practised and pretended to be performing for the judge and attendees at the festival well in advance. Every day, the pianist puts the hours in, she said.
Story continues in the May 1, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.