The hallway is not a storage area

KILLALOE – The Township of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) council met as scheduled for a regular council meeting on February 5.

Debbie Peplinskie was acting mayor for the meeting in Mayor Janice Visneskie’s absence.
According to Clifford Yantha, works superintendent of KHR, the township has plenty of sand for the roads left, however they are noticing that some of the more curved roads are proving difficult.
On certain days when the wind is strong, the sand is blowing off some of the back roads in the area, and some of the sand truck drivers are noticing on their way back that the roads are no longer sanded.
In order to solve this problem, Yantha suggested a certain type of blade being used on the truck, which is only used on these back roads and not the paved ones.
“On the side roads they are really working well,” Yantha said.
Three hundred loads of sand have been put out this year across the township roads; however, they still have plenty of sand to get them through the rest of the year.
CAO Lorna Hudder has received a verbal request from Welk Electric who is running his businesses out of the township office.
The business would like to place shelving on the floor in the hallway near the library so that they can place items that are currently sitting on the floor on that unit.
“He [James Welk] said it would be similar to what the library has put in the hall,” Hudder stated.
“If it’s going to clean up the floor it might be a very good thing,” Councillor Isabel O’Reilly said.
Councillor Carl Kuehl stated that the hallway is not a storage closet, with Stanley Pecoskie agreeing on that subject.
“He [Welk] is not renting the hallway,” Kuehl said, after O’Reilly had mentioned that the business is paying rent.
The hallway is not a storage area for tools, he continued.
“That’s my opinion on it.”
Councillor Kathy Marion also agreed, stating that she also believes that the shelving may be unnecessary, and that the tools he leaves in the hallway should be kept inside his business quarters.
“I am just not very happy with more stuff in that hall,” she continued.
However, council has permitted the library to place shelving in the hallway, by not stating that they cannot do so. This may cause issues with denying the request from the other business.
“If one person is doing it, how do we say no to the other?” O’Reilly asked.
It was then stated by council that they never did permit the library to place the shelving in the hallway.
“We have said yes by allowing it there. If there is shelving there, and the library has put it there, and it has been there… We are allowing it by its very presence,” O’Reilly said.
It does not seem like Councillor John Jeffrey is all for it either, after stating that he agrees with Marion, and indicated that it could pose a fire hazard.
Kuehl recommended that they ask the library to take down their shelving in order to eliminate this issue.
Council decided that they will first look into the size of the hallway, as well as more details on the size of the shelving that Welk is wishing to put up in the hallway.
Council will decide on whether to permit the shelves, or deny the request and also ask the library to take their shelving down.
“Let the hallway be a hallway,” Pecoskie said, after stating that he would like to see the hallway kept clear.
Story continues in the February 13, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.