The girls are back in town…

BARRY’S BAY – On December 28, Theresa Paplinskie, Star Archer and Sky Archer headed deep into the Darien jungle in Panama.

The idea of going on the trip as a result of their attending a youth event Acquire the Fire which took place in Mississauga this past October. There they learned of the trips offered by Teen Mania Ministries, through Global Expeditions, and took an interest in travelling to Panama.
And so they embarked on the trip to bring ministry to the natives in the village of Piriati, Panama, as well as offering their services to help families with their daily chores.
They returned to Miami from their adventure on January 5, but only returned to Barry’s Bay on the 8th and now have a number of stories, and photographs, to share with their parents, family and friends.
Before leaving for their trip, the young ladies raised monies in a variety of ways. Some of the money raised was through craft and bake sales, but they also had a number of generous, local supporters helping them out financially.Two of the supporters were the Home Building Centre and Levesque Brothers.

The first part of their trip was by road, with Archers’ parents, Dave and Faith, driving. It took them a couple of days before they arrived in Miami, Florida. The young ladies slept while they travelled and talked about their adventure, excited and a bit apprehensive.
Once in Miami, after arriving a bit late, and worried that they had missed the team of youths they were to meet up with, they embarked on the second leg of their thrilling journey, flying to Panama City.
Once they reached Panama they learned about the children’s ministry program that they would be leading and how to share their testimony effectively – how God came into their lives and how it has changed them. They also had some training on what to expect when they got to the village of Piriati, met with their translator and did some team building to get to know each other.
Finally, they arrived in the village of approximately 200, which is considered large, where they would be spending the next several days.
The first day that they arrived they were introduced to the villagers, who do not speak any English, and were put to work clearing trash from around the homes.
Story continues in the January 23, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.