The Geranium- a mighty good companion plant to grow this year

PALMER RAPIDS – There are hundreds of different plants that we commonly call geraniums. Many of these are easy to grow and yield abundant rewards for your gardening efforts.

Geraniums originate in hot climates and therefore prefer full sunlight. They can be grown in outdoor window boxes, planters, or in the ground during the summer months, and many species of geraniums are perennials which make resilient, prolific and easy to care for houseplants all year long.

Provided they get enough light, some geraniums will flower continuously all year; they can bring a bright splash of colour to your window ledge even in the depth of winter. A secret to getting the plants to flower repeatedly, whether they are indoor houseplants our outside in the garden, is to deadhead the flowers once the blooms begin to fade.

To remove the flower, simply snap it off at the base where the stem joins one of the main branches. Leaves can also be removed easily by hand in the same way. Snap the leaf downwards and it will easily detach from the plant. By removing leaves as soon as they begin to turn yellow, you will keep the plant looking vibrant and full of greenery.

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