The First Annual The Valley Gazette Above and Beyond Award

Every community has its heroes who go above and beyond the call of duty to make our world a better place. These are often behind the scenes workers who hold the big picture together by ensuring little details don’t get missed. They are the parents, employees, leaders, business owners, teachers, artists, volunteers and neighbours who have gone the extra mile in this past year to serve others in our community.

Chances are you know one of these people, so here is your chance to help them get the recognition they deserve. Send us a quick note (maximum 500 words) explaining why your nominee deserves to be recognized as going above and beyond in the past year. Be sure to include your nominee’s full name and a short description outlining some of the things that he or she has done to improve life in our community.

Remember the things they contribute do not necessarily have to be done on a grand scale. Families and neighbourhoods are the backbone of our community, and these groups are sometimes held together by the selfless giving of a few key individuals who are often not in the limelight. Their ongoing willingness to do the grunt work and show up for others may have been largely unrecognized until now, but we could not survive without them. Even though the past year has been difficult for many, it has also been a year where people have risen to the challenge and have gone above and beyond to support their local communities.

Email your nominations to by 5PM on Friday February 26. Be sure to include a phone number where we can contact you in case we have any questions. You can also include a photo of your nominee, if you have one available.

Finalists will be announced in early March, and the winner of The Valley Gazette’s Above and Beyond Award will appear in the March 10 edition of The Valley Gazette. All decisions by the judges will be final.