The CWL at Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish celebrates 30 years

Katrina Boguski

COMBERMERE – The Catholic Woman’s League began in England in 1906 and the Canadian version of the CWL began a few years later. It has been a powerful and influential voice for women and family ever since.

It was reported that “As of 2015, the Catholic Women’s League of Canada had 83,990 members.” These members are organized into over 1,200 parish councils throughout the country. The council from Holy Canadian Martyrs recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

People sometimes mistakenly believe that women are in the Catholic Church oppressed or relegated to subservient roles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Saints such as Monica, Catherine of Sienna, Elisabeth Ann Seton, and Edith Stein are reminders of important leadership roles held by women have held throughout the church’s history. The CWL is an example of the active role Catholic women continue to play in parish life, society and politics.

In addition to hosting a variety of parish events, the CWL actively lobbies the Federal Government on several issues that affect women and families. Representing over 80,000 Canadian voters, the CWL is a force to be reckoned with.

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