Students speak up over MVDHS renovations

BARRY’S BAY – Following recent confirmation that Sherwood Public School would be merging with Madawaska Valley District High School, the high school is already beginning to implement necessary changes to reflect the school’s new status as a kindergarten through grade 12 facility.

In some cases, this means pending renovation, including changes to structure as well as fresh coats of paint.
But it’s that paint that has left a number of MVDHS students feeling frustrated.

Recently, MVDHS staff painted over artwork in the building’s C wing, as well as handprints on a stairwell, placed there following a popular fundraising initiative a number of years ago.

Students Lilith Robinson, Arthur Dearden and Erich Goodwin spoke with the Valley Gazette about their frustration (and indeed that of their peers) with this development.

“It wasn’t given any warning,” commented Goodwin. “They just took it down.”

It was a surprise to many students, with Goodwin adding that he wasn’t even aware there were plans to paint over the art and handprints until the job was half done.
“It looks pretty plain,” said Robinson of the now-blank walls.

Goodwin indicated that Mrs. Lauren Wilson, principal at MVDHS at the time of the handprint fundraiser, had made a promise to students that those prints would remain in place.

“If a promise is made, a promise should be kept,” said Goodwin.

However, current MVDHS principal Mr. David Bishop couldn’t find any written record, and did explain the school’s position to students and the Gazette.

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