Stepping back in time

COMBERMERE – Visitors had the chance to set back in time, for a couple of days, this past weekend.

The Madonna House held their annual Heritage Fest on August 30 and 31, with a number of demonstrations representing life in this country’s early days.

Visitors strolled threw the Pioneer Museum, built from hundred-year-old hand-hewn logs, marvelled at the antiques, and watched as wool was spun, and pottery and butter was made.

Carolyn Desch, who in charge of the gift shop and museum, spoke with the Gazette about Heritage Fest.

Over 25 residents of Madonna House, along with a couple of volunteers from outside the residence, put on the displays and demonstrations, explaining the various aspects of everything from making wool and homemade ice cream to weaving rugs.

Desch spoke of the importance of showing children where things come from. For instance, how butter is made from the cream of a cow, and how clothes are made. Kids don’t grow up knowing these things from daily life anymore, she said.

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