Station Keepers officially open Railway Station

BARRY’S BAY – Dozens of people came out on Saturday to witness the reopening of the Railway Station in Barry’s Bay, but one guest among the crowd seemed to garner more attention than all the rest.

Greta (Glofcheskie) Bloskie was on hand to do the honours at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The distinguished guest retired from teaching in 1989, but clearly can still command the attention of a room.  Several people in attendance were Bloskie’s former students and appeared pleased to see their former teacher in such fine form.

In its early days, the Station welcomed many new immigrants and visitor to the region. For many, it was their very first impression of Barry’s Bay. As they departed from the train, how they were greeted by the station attendants would have a lasting impression on them.

Now housing the Visitor’s Centre, the nearly 125 year old building still has the important role of offering a first impression of the area to many people. Like the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

All those involved in the Visitor’s centre and the Station Keepers are in the public eye as they represent the people of the area. As such, the station and the volunteers who run it have high expectations placed on them by the community.

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