St. Paddy’s Tea a lively celebration of Irish heritage

BARRY’S BAY – A sea of tea-drinkers, dressed in green, was the sight that greeted visitors to St. Lawrence O’Toole on March 12. The church’s chapter of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) organized the St. Patrick’s Day Tea, which has become a multi-generational tradition.

“It goes on forever,” said a volunteer who did not wish to be named, “There are many here whose mothers were involved before.”

Organizers know for certain that the Irish Tea has happened at the Parish for over fifty years but the exact year the tradition started is unknown.

Over 200 members, parishioners and volunteers attended the tea, braving some of the coldest weather of the winter. One family came all the way from Kingston, like they do every year. This time, they brought along two-month-old Adalynn Albertini to enjoy her first Irish Tea with her relatives.

The hall was decorated for the occasion and many in attendance wore light-hearted, green costumes or accessories. Many of the sweets had green icing.

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