St. Francis welcomes new Chief Operating Officer

BARRY’S BAY – Greg McLeod was recently appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer at St. Francis Memorial Hospital, and he couldn’t be happier about it.

Coming from Ottawa, McLeod brings with him his strong background in health administration and economics, and is eager to settle into the rhythm of the position.

“It’s a job that is a good fir for my skillset,” shared McLeod.

Beyond that, the position held appeal from a professional perspective as well, as McLeod has found his colleagues to be skilled and inspiring.

“Another part that really attracted me is working with [Chief Executive Officer] Randy Penney…he’s a visionary leader,” added McLeod.

“What I’ve found since I’ve been here is…the people really strike me,” continued McLeod. “I’m not only going to enjoy living here, but also working with the hospital staff.”

McLeod described personnel at the hospital as industrious and resourceful, and added he’s eager to see how it’ll benefit the hospital and community as a whole.

McLeod is originally from Montreal, but for the last 15 years he has been living with his family in Ottawa. Prior to joining St. Francis as COO, McLeod was Director of Diagnostic Services at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, and before that spent time working in the retirement home industry in eastern Ontario.

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