St. Francis Memorial Hospital receives Pigg-o-Stat machine

BARRY’S BAY – On March 28, the St. Francis Memorial Hospital welcomed in a few special donors for a demonstration of a piece of equipment they had just helped purchase. Executive Director for the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation, Toni Lavigne-Conway said sometimes when you donate, you aren’t sure where your money is going. “We want to take every opportunity we can, especially with young people who are helping out local healthcare, just to show you what a difference you are going to make,” said Lavigne-Conway. This machine is called a Pigg-o-Stat and it’s a special positioning aid to help infants or young children’s receive abdominal or chest x-rays. The device safely takes children’s x-rays and produces high quality images quickly. The child or infant is placed in the device with their hands above their head. It looks uncomfortable if does not cause any pain to the child and they will only spend a few seconds in the device. The technologists are then able to stay in the room with the patient to monitor them in person. Amanda Dumas and Glenda Mostow from the diagnostic imaging department demonstrated this equipment to the room. For more pick up a copy of the April 4, paper.