St. Francis Memorial Hospital cuts ribbon for new tub room

BARRY’S BAY – With the support of the community, the St. Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH) was able to purchase a new tub and renovate the current tub room in the hospital.

The total cost for this project came in around $85,000 and was funded by the Tree of Lights campaign, who gave $50,000 and the monthly giving club and in-memoriam donations, which made up the rest of the cost.

“We are really excited about profiling the new tub renovations to the community because really this is being paid for with community support,” said Toni Lavigne-Conway, executive director for St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. “This is incredibly important and we are very grateful for the support that people have given because I don’t think there is anything nicer and more comforting than a warm bath, there just really isn’t. Especially if you aren’t feeling well.”

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