St. Andrew’s unveils new renovations

KILLALOE – Priests and community dignitaries visited St. Andrew’s Catholic School in Killaloe on November 30 for a special prayer service and blessing.

That morning, the school officially unveiled its new renovations to the community. One of the biggest changes to the school was relocating the office to the main entrance of the school. Previously, the office was located in the middle of the school, which was a safety concern in the eyes of the Ministry of Education.

Other renovations included a new Grade 8 classroom, an accessible washroom, a new resource room for students and staff, a new special education resource room, improved meeting rooms for staff/students/counsellors/dance and music lessons, a larger staff room, and perhaps the most noticeable to the community are the new windows from the gymnasium and front foyer.

Principal Scott Nichol said there are many benefits to the renovations, including additional workspaces for both students/outside agencies/staff, less interruptions with special student programming, greater efficiency for the office and improved safety at the school.

On Wednesday morning, a special prayer service was held in the school’s gymnasium. Local priests attended to help bless the school, including Father Michael Goring, Fr. John Bosco Gali and Fr. Jan Wadolowski.

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