St. Andrew’s students flash back to the 60s

BARRY’S BAY – St. Andrew’s 50th anniversary celebrations were far from over as of this past May 10.
It may have been a damp and rainy afternoon last Friday, but the party was on at St. Andrew’s Catholic School.
In honour of Catholic Education Week and to give the kiddies an opportunity to celebrate their school’s 50th, the school put together a fun-filled, Life in the 60s afternoon for students.
On the May 5 weekend, staff, past students and several community members gathered to celebrate the school’s anniversary, but the school also wanted to offer the kids the chance to celebrate too, Principal Mary Catherine Brisco explained.
To kick off the celebrations, the kids took part in a special prayer service and then were treated to a short but sweet PowerPoint about life in the 1960s.
The school’s in-class tutor Tiffany Cybulskie, a university student, created the PowerPoint presentation for kids, and they loved it, the principal told the Gazette.
The presentation included everything from the 60s’ music, cars, RVs, hair-dos, fashion, and bands!
In summary, the principal said the presentation compared nowadays culture and activities, for instance, to culture and activities in the 60s.
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