Sporting fun in Round Lake

ROUND LAKE – It was a grand day in Round Lake on Saturday for the Logger Sports Festival organized by Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township at the Albert Street rink.

As councillor Stanley Pecoskie said, it was heartwarming to see such a crowd assemble in a small community to enjoy themselves in the middle of a fine winter’s day.

While there was a stiff breeze and low clouds, the temperature was just below freezing.

Twelve youths registered for the youth competition, involving seven different tasks inspired by the logging heritage of the area. These tasks included hammering nails and attaching a choker around a log for hauling.

Twelve men signed up for the adult competition, which also had seven tasks based on logging skills. The adults had to fell a tree, speed saw a log and throw a hammer.

Dai Bassett was once again the emcee this year. He explained each event and cheered on the competitors throughout the four to five hours of competition.

As well as the competitions, there was a lot to see during the festivities.  

The tea boil-up and bologna roast on an open fire was a big favourite with the crowd.

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