Special Brudenell-Lyndoch-Raglan meeting opens with confusion and disagreement

Staff Reporter

PALMER RAPIDS – All councillors were present for a special meeting of the Brudenell-Lyndoch-Raglan Township (BLR) held on October 14. Public attendance at the meeting was via teleconferencing. Council began by amending the agenda to include a closed portion of the meeting to discuss potential litigation around a bylaw. Councillor Budarick asked why this issue should be brought to a closed session.

Mayor Keller explained to Councillor Budarick that she could make a motion to make the issue part of the open session. Rather than follow this advice, initially Budarick proceeded to discus the merits of whether or not it was best to discuss the agenda item in a closed or open session. It was difficult to follow the discussion at this point, but it seems Budarick may have eventually made an alternate motion, to have the item remain in the open.

Although Budarick was not in favour of the closed session, council eventually decided, given the nature of the issue, it was best to amend the agenda to include the item in a closed meeting as initially suggested.
Council proceeded to discuss the waste site report. During this discussion Councillor Lidtkie indicated that the current waste site had been expected to last 20 years.

Budarick asked, “Is it fair to say that we are over-using our site?
Lidtkie admitted that the predictions on the site’s lifespan did not estimate the population growth of the area. Mayor Keller said that those estimates should have been based on estimated population size.

Lidtkie suggested that a problem with bears at some point resulted in having to over-cover the waste and this may have led to some inefficient use of space.

Taxpayers wishing to comment on changes to the waste site can do so by sending written comments to the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks and give a copy to the township.

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