South Algonquin Township Meeting

WHITNEY – Amongst the routine business of the Township of South Algonquin (TSA), was the controversial matter of municipal funding for roads not officially assumed by the township.

When Mayor Jane Dumas and the councillors of the township gathered online on the morning on June 3, it was to give some kind of final answer to the question of whether such roads that are accessible to the public, have more than just one rate-payer living on them, are traversed by the fire department and by other municipal services, should in fact be looked after in some way by public funds.

A policy needed to be developed, and if there were to be funds devoted to such roads, it had to be provided for in the 2021 budget. Councillor Joe Florent said that these roads are not purely private, and so they should be provided for in some way. Councillor Richard Shalla was for his part nervous about his own conflict of interest. Councillor Bongo Bongo said he has thought a lot about it and spoken to a lot of people, and still has mixed feelings.

Councillor David Harper said what is before the council is just a resolution to develop a policy, not a policy to be implemented, and thought that as such there will be lots of chances to explore the topic in the future. On the other hand, CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Holly Hayes said that is not quite true as some policy has been developed; she considers that specifics have been developed and need to be either accepted or rejected.

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