Six families displaced by Eganville Fire

Mark Jones

EGANVILLE The devastating fire in Eganville on November 21 affected the lives of many in the community.
Lisa Agnew was at her home in Eganville last Wednesday afternoon where she runs a daycare and a sports photography business.
A client popped by to pick up some photographs. The client told Lisa there was a house on fire downtown.
Lisa asked where.
“Right downtown, you can see the smoke from here. You know that white house with the cute little porch?” the client said, explaining that the house was almost opposite the Post Office on John Street, the one with the bicycle and the Irish flag.
“Oh no, Lisa said. “The Houlihan house is on fire?”
“No, it’s the one next to that.”
“That’s my brother and sister-in-law’s house.”
Lisa did not want to believe it. She asked, “Are you sure?”
On her smart phone, the client showed Lisa a photograph. It was of Steve and Jackie Agnew’s house. There were flames coming out of the entire left side, the living room is on the ground floor, the bedroom above.
“That is my sister’s house,” Lisa said.
Lisa phoned Jackie, no answer. She phoned Steve, no answer.
She kept phoning them.
To read the full story, pick up a copy of the November 28, 2018 Valley Gazette.