Sister Rosenda, the ‘Flying Nun’, heading off to retirement

BARRY’S BAY – Some know Sister Rosenda Brady as the woman who made extensive spiritual and recreational contributions to Barry’s Bay and the surrounding area.

Others, meanwhile, will best remember her dashing through the snow, skiing the hills of the Valley – all in religious habit – earning her the title of the Flying Nun.

Perhaps that is the most remarkable thing about Sr. Rosenda; she is not your “typical” nun and she always kept the community on its toes. Whether she was working behind the desk managing a hospital, or fighting for more recreational opportunities for the area’s youth, Sr. Rosenda has made a profound impact on the people of the Madawaska Valley.

Although she has been officially retired since 1990, Sr. Rosenda has been living in Barry’s Bay, volunteering and contributing to the community in different capacities, but namely pastoral care. This year, however, Sr. Rosenda, who turns 87 in November, is moving back to the Mother House in Pembroke.

When people ask her what she will be doing while she gets there, she quips, “I will be cramming for my finals.” 

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