Sharing the Light

BARRY’S BAY – The kids at Sherwood Public School presented their Sharing the Light Christmas concert to family, friends and neighbours the evening of December 9. Taking advantage of their last year at this location, the elementary school did not combine their concert with that of the high school, rather celebrated their own space. The kids took pride in decorating and getting their school ready for the guests that evening.
They also chose a particularly poignant theme this year, sharing the light. In the introduction, the emcee’s of the evening Meghan Kelley and Samantha Hempstead shared, “Over the past few months, we have experienced darkness surrounding our own community, our country and in our world. During this time of year especially, it is important to share in gratitude, peace and joy. These are all lights that we can share with others. We hope you enjoy our performances this evening. Let us share our light and remember to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ (Ghandi).”


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