SFMH 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Submitted by SFMH

Showcasing the Strategic Plan they had input into, are staff members Amanda Dumas and Connie Coulas, along with Board Chair Joanne King and CEO Julia Boudreau.

Every five years, St. Francis Memorial Hospital engages in the process of Strategic Planning. This involves a review of our Mission, Vision and Values to ensure their continued relevance, followed by the formulation of strategic directives. In fall of 2020, SFMH embarked on the review and revision of the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. 

The planning process completed for the development of our previous plan was labour intensive and the result of endless hours of deliberation and careful planning. As the year 2021 came across the horizon, Board Members, hospital staff and all stakeholders were simultaneously responding to the ever-changing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the nature of these competing stressors and having developed a successful and intentional plan of 2016-2021, SFMH Board and Senior Leadership determined that a revision and enhancement of our previous Strategic Plan would be the most appropriate action. 

 Planning Process

Several steps were taken to ensure the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan reflected the needs and voices of our stakeholders, responded to the dynamic external environment, and prioritized the strategic direction of the hospital. In addition, the planning process and outcomes remained in alignment with Accreditation Standards, specifically regarding Leadership, Governance, and Patient and Family Engagement.

To begin, a Strategic Planning Committee was assembled, compiled of staff, physicians, leadership and Board Members. Together, this team represented multiple stakeholder relationships, with members actively engaged in conversations and activities surrounding SFMHs future direction. Throughout the planning process, Senior Leadership and Board Members took part in a series of educational sessions, which provided initial direction and review for the redevelopment of the Strategic Plan.

To further appreciate the growing needs, values and concerns of our partners, a stakeholder survey was developed and widely disseminated. The results of this survey allowed the Committee to appreciate common themes throughout the responses, for example, important care services currently provided by SFMH, in addition to areas of improvement. Through synthesis of these results and with the completion of an environmental scan, the Committee completed a SWOT analysis. This process provided clear identification of the various Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats experienced by SFMH; all of which were used to guide the values and strategic direction of this upcoming Strategic Plan. 

Following the draft development of values and strategic directions, the plan was proposed to various committees for input and review. These committees included the Patient and Family Advisory Council, Medical Advisory Committee, and all Department Heads. With the valuable input offered from these committees, the Strategic Plan was then presented to the SFMH Board of Directors, where it received final approval. 

After careful deliberation and planning, we are honoured to present the 2021-2026 SFMH Strategic Plan!

SFMH 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Mission: To provide high-quality, patient centred healthcare in collaboration with our partners.

Vision: To be a leader in health services that are patient centred, integrated and responsive to rural community needs. 


  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Excellence
  • Learning and Innovation
  • Leadership and Accountability

Significant Highlights of the Strategic Plan

  • Successfully complete the Emergency Redevelopment project
  • Provide access to care without barriers.
  • Improve our recruitment plan ensuring inclusivity. 
  • Integrate patient and family experience into planning and decision making.
  • Demonstrate and support Just Culture, innovation, learning and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • We will maintain sustainable financial stability

Emphasize performance measurement and reporting; while focusing on patient safety, timeliness, quality and transparency

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